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A great team is the key to achieve greater goals in life.

  • B.Tech in Biotechnology, LPU, Punjab

  • Post Graduation Diploma in Operations & HR Management, FIIB, New Delhi


Total experience of 9 years in the following areas:

  • English Communication Skills

  • Interview Preparation

  • Public Speaking

  • Presentation Skills

  • Subject-Oriented Coaching Classes

  • Operations Management


Other Corporate Experiences:

  • Process Associate-Operations (Policy Issuance), Xceedance Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram

  • Operations Analyst & Presenter (Team Operations), Creative Neurons Pvt. Ltd., Udyog Vihar, Gurugram

  • Analyst (Intern) in Microbiology Department, Artemis Healthcare, Gurgaon


It is a great pleasure to be a part of a field that requires continuous efforts & intensive approach in order to bring the best out of someone. Training is a field that needs an unbroken string of continuously updated modes & methodologies, so as to meet the growing demands of the ever-growing world outside. I believe in training the mind of an individual to be the best in whatever they do. Once that confidence is developed, it becomes easier to build the depth of any subject in an individual.


Don't just learn, train your mind to be the best!

Mrs. Sakshi M. Dhingra

Co-Founder & Soft Skills Trainer


B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Sonepat


Experienced in the given fields:

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Distribution of Goods & Services

  • Training Services


As a businessman by profession, I have always believed that the use of technology in any field can revolutionalize it. It can bring up immense opportunities which we can't even think of otherwise. Similarly, when we think about teaching or training equipped with the latest methodologies, it showcases numerous ways it can be transferred to the needful.


At KITES, we try to do the same. We want to build the gap in between learners and trainers so that there is no one left behind in terms of learning opportunities. We want to wash away any kinds of barriers one faces in the journey of learning something new.


Our idea is to provide a learning platform that is accessible, feasible & affordable to all.

Mr. Saurabh Dhingra

Co-Founder & Accounts Head


B.Com, Delhi University


Total experience of 3 years in the following areas:

  • Accounting

  • Course Management & Coordination

  • Counselling and Mentoring

  • Content Management


As a course coordinator and a counselor at KITES, I always try to offer the best course to the candidates, which not only matches their requirement, but it also provides a scope to better opportunities. 


Interacting with different people with different requirements is a challenging, yet an interesting responsibility. The customized courses that we offer ensure that a candidate utilizes their money and time on something that is worth their efforts.


At KITES, we interact with candidates to create a personalized roadmap to develop their skills and confidence. Personalized sessions ensure that an individual's requirements are fulfilled.

Ms. Kavita Gupta

Course Coordinator & Counsellor


  • B.A, Delhi University, New Delhi

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Symbiosis University, Pune

  • Diploma in French Language, Alliance De Francis, New Delhi


Total Experience of 4 years in the given segments:

  • Subject-Oriented Coaching

  • Soft Skills Training Programs

  • Confidence Building Programs


Content is a very crucial part of learning & development. It is a roadmap to be followed to reach the highest level of improvement in one's learning curve. My idea is to create study materials which can cater to the different needs of an individual. While providing training to individuals belonging to different backgrounds, areas, needs and skill sets, it helps me to have a deeper glimpse of their approach of learning and that subsequently helps me to come up with detailed learning patterns to create suitable content for them.


As a part of KITES, I get immense opportunities to connect with students who are not only interested to learn a soft skill, but they also want to broaden up their minds to adapt with the changing demands of the real world.


My strategy is to build the practical understanding of the skills that a student aspires for. 

Ms. Srishti Mehra

Soft Skills Trainer & Content Manager 


Graduate in English, Delhi University

Post Graduate in English, B.R. Ambedkar University


Total 7 years of experience in providing training in:

  • English Communication Skills

  • Personality Development

  • Presentation Skills


Throughout my experience of teaching & training, I have tried to opt for an interactive methodology with all my students. It gives an opportunity for them to focus on what is important to them, even if they are only learning a language. The sessions that I design for them mainly focus on how well they can engage in the whole process of learning. My major goal is to make them independent and to be in control of how they would like to learn and improve their skills. 


My method of training an individual is to create a two-way channel where we exchange knowledge, rather than just a one-sided teaching platform. Encouraging students to come up with their own set of exercises is what makes my sessions quite interesting for them as well as for me.


If you really want to build a skill, it is always better to challenge your fears because they are the best catalysts to trigger your growth.



Mrs. Meenakshi

Soft Skills Trainer


Graduate in B.A Honors, Delhi University


Total 5 years of experience


  • English Communication Skills

  • Interview Preparation


Interested in teaching since a very young age, I developed a curiosity in pursuing the same as my career. The goal is to encourage the students to embrace their inner confidence and build their skills at the best levels. Comprehensive teaching is the key to develop the same in an individual.

I have experience of providing training to different age-groups with diverse backgrounds.


My major strategies and methodologies are:

  • Making use of the latest training tools and technologies

  • Setting tasks which challenge students, and ensures the highest level of engagement

  • Incorporating practical experiences to make sure practical applications are understood


My objective while teaching is basically to contribute my knowledge and skills in such a way that it helps the students to perform their best in their area of interest.

Mrs. Muazama

Soft Skills Trainer 


Graduate in History Honors, University of Delhi

Certified Course - Japanese language, New Delhi


Total 3 Years of Experience

  • English Communication Skills

  • Personality Development

  • Confidence Building 

  • Presentation Skills


To bring out the best in the worst scenario is the only solution to all the problems. Likewise, I focus on the section which requires the maximum attention and understand the requirement of the students as it is the best criteria to mold the students who are clueless about their personal knowledge.


As a trainer, I always concentrate on teaching the lowest common denominator of the learning capability of each and every student.


*Improve not only English but create a personality that could not be diminished*

Ms. Sanskruti

Soft Skills Trainer


Graduate in Psychology Honors

MA in Psychology Honors



Total 4  years of experience in the given areas:

  • Written & Spoken English

  • Overcoming Hesitation & Building Confidence

  • Personality Development

  • Home Based Teaching & Tutoring

  • Short-Term Collaboration with an NGO for a Training Program



The methods & strategies for training a student depend upon the learner i.e. what & how they want to learn. I like to figure out the best way to encourage him/her to learn at his/her best level. I always set up a few things beforehand based on my first interaction with the student. For example, it is important for me to understand a student's goal in terms of the skill he wants to develop. Based on that goal, I come up with the best explanation method, notes, appropriate assignments etc. 


Some students struggle to find a place where they feel comfortable enough to ask questions or be their most authentic selves. I try to provide that space where they can grow at their own pace and enjoy doing it. I want my students to feel comfortable enough to tell me if they don't understand what I'm doing/teaching and provide me with suggestions on how I can better help them understand what I am trying to teach. Providing a student a space like this enhances their confidence and builds their own learning curves which are not bounded by any ones else's criteria.

Ms. Megha

Soft Skills Trainer


Graduate in B. Com from Delhi University

Post Graduate in HR specialization from Sikkim Manipal University

2 years of Teaching experience in English

4 years of experience in HR operation


Key responsibilities:

English Communication Skills

Personality Development

Handling Operation Department

English Communication Liaising

Training and Development 

Recruitment and Retention

Interview Preparation 

As I am from HR background,  Training and Development has always been a part of my career for about 5 years.  It is has always been  a beautiful part of my  career to train the people in  different streams  to lighten and brighten up their career. 


Teaching is a great career opportunity for me through which I got a chance to train and guide the young towards their bright career. I always love to encourage students to be consistent towards their aim. As if you can dedicate a few minutes a day, every day, you will be far more successful than if you spend one or two hours studying, but only sporadically.

Ms. Mukisha Khan

Soft Skills Trainer






At KITES, we always work in a team. We focus on providing the best to our internal and external clients. I feel very pleasured to be a part of a team which keeps on encouraging you at every step. We try to build an environment full of cross-learning opportunities that help us to exchange our knowledge within the team and let each of us learn different things in different areas. These knowledge exchange programs are the best way to learn something new every time.

Mr. Rahul Mehra



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