English Grammar Level I

This course is designed for those who want to strengthen their base in the English Language. This course covers the very basics of the language. Those who have very little knowledge of the fundamentals of English are preferred to opt for this course. 



English Grammar Level II

Those who already are equipped with Fundamentals of Grammar, but still want to enrich their writing as well as editing skills can opt this course. Build a strong and unwavering skill by enrolling in this advanced grammar course.

English Communication Skills - Basic


This course is designed for those who want to learn the very basics of English. It includes basic grammar, simple sentence construction, basic vocabulary and much more. Those who are looking forward to learn from scratch are preferred to opt for this course.

English Communication Skills - Intermediate

Opt for this course if your basics are absolutely clear. Build in with confident speaking skills. This course allows to learn construction of compound and complex sentences and to grasp a high-end vocabulary. Learn the various dimensions of effective communication in daily life, with this course.

English/Business Communication Skills - Advance


Develop effective communication skills for the workplace. Enhance your business writing & speaking skills. The program is designed to strengthen your interpersonal & presentation skills while developing your confidence in public speaking.

Resume Writing & Interview

Building the right resume is a difficult task and one might end up confused while making it. Here at KITES, we help you build the best-fit resume for you. Besides that, we will prepare you for the most important part of a career. Avail the interview preparatory classes with personalized sessions and mock interview sessions.

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